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Decorator stripping a wall with a steam stripper

Decoration preparation

Choose Aireborough Decorating Centre Ltd in Guiseley, Leeds, for all the materials you will need for decoration preparation.

Home improvement worker in protective mask and glasses working with sander for smoothing w

Be prepared!

Whether you are planning on painting your walls or wallpapering, good preparation is key to success. For example, when applying wallpaper, it can be disappointing to discover that there are great lumps, cracks and crevices underneath it, making the overall effect look amateurish.

Getting ready

We sell dust sheets, brushes, and wall fillers, plus undercoat paint and more. You may also need masking tape and a tape measure.

a couple get stuck in to their old house renovations
scraping old paint from siding with a putty knife in preparation for painting

Clean your walls

Your walls need to be dust-free, dry, and without cracks or holes. You will also need to remove any remaining pieces of wallpaper, and any flaking paint. Masking tape applied to skirting boards is also useful to help ensure a clean edge.

Fill holes, and prime or seal

Any holes can often be taken care of using wall filler. Sealers can also be applied to porous surfaces before painting, to make them non-porous. They make a protective barrier for the wall and can be a good substitute for paint primers.

Windows renovation: removing old paint using scraper and heat gun

Looking for decoration preparation products?

Visit our store at Aireborough Decorating Centre Ltd in Guiseley, Leeds, for a wide range of DIY products.

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