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Decorating brushes and rollers

Contact Aireborough Decorating Centre Ltd in Guiseley, Leeds for quality painting and decorating products.

Close-up of a Paint brush on a black background

Brush designs

Our brush designs include long handled options, crafted for total control when cutting in, and standard types with comfortable handles, making the brush easier to grip and control as well as being a pleasure to use. We also have window brushes, designed with an angled head.

Natural and synthetic

Some of the brushes we have in our store are natural bristle brushes, specially treated to hold their shape and for extended life. However, we also stock synthetic brushes to be used with any paints or varnishes, and others designed for use with water-based paints.

Paint Brushes
Paint Roller

Roller designs

For durable rollers, created with top-quality fabrics to ensure high levels of paint application, choose Aireborough Decorating Centre Ltd in Guiseley, Leeds. We have a selection of rollers designed for use on different surfaces, whether it’s interior or exterior painting that you have in mind. Visit our store and keep a look out for the latest roller kits which may be in stock, providing you with everything you need to get started, and for professional jobs that require high-level applications.

Paint roller products

  • Cage frames

  • Short and medium pile roller sleeves

  • Long pile roller sleeves for rougher surfaces

  • Roller sets

  • Trays
    And more

Paint bucket with paint brush, roller, palette color and paint can

Do you need quality decorating brushes and rollers?

Visit Aireborough Decorating Centre Ltd in Guiseley, Leeds for paint brushes, rollers and more, including wallpaper and wood stain.

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